Repossession Specialists


The Repossession Specialists

Immediate bank claims is an in house department dealing with bank oppressive action. We are an affiliated of
Our objective is to raise the awareness of struggling landlords and property owners who has faced bank unfair actions.

  • Immediately stopping repossessions.

  • Acting on behalf of landlords against pending evictions.

  • De-instruction of  the Appointment of LPA receivers

  • Abuse of legal process by banks

  • Bank misrepresentation of terms and conditions

  • Sale by banks below market value

  • Banks illegal use of mortgagors funds

  • Banks use of off-setting clauses

  • Bank non conformity to CML code of practice

If you own one property or a portfolio we can help, If it is your residence, if you are a business we can help you with your property matters. Even if you have lost all your assets you still may be entitled to compensation. We are the stop repossession specialists.

One of the objectives we have is to bring an action group together to support mortgagors that have been offended by bank actions.

There is no other organisation that people can turn to we are trying to address the balance in the present regime.  We want to hear from you and anybody else who you know who has suffered at the hands of the banks. We will be taking the matter to the high court.

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