Reduce Mortgage Payments

Reducing Your Mortgage Payments

Having problems making monthly mortgage repayment?

It may be possible for Immediate Bank Claims to reduce monthly payments. This could help you achieve more manageable mortgage payments. This in turn will help you keep your home. Your lender has to agree to any changes to how your mortgage is paid. Luckily, Immediate Bank Claims are lender negotiation experts. As a property owner, you will need a professional & impartial approach to allow you complete your mortgage & keep your home.

Interest Only MortgagesĀ 

Interest only mortgages are often linked to an investment. Investments can include endowment policies or ISA’s. Should you be in possession of an interest only mortgage, we may be able to reduce your monthly payments to make it more affordable. Employing expert negotiations skills, we deal with the lender on your behalf. Potentially, this could save thousands.

Reduce Mortgage Payments

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Reduce Mortgage Payments in the Press:
The Telegraph reports on one bank customers experience of difficulty to reduce mortgage payments:
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Reduce Mortgage Payments

Reduce Mortgage Payments