N244 Application



Why do I need a N244 form?

An N244 Application Notice is the official form to be completed in order to secure any Eviction Hearing with a District Judge prior to the eviction occurring.

This is a detailed form to be completed & must be legally correct for the Judge to be prepared for any hearing. The points included should be derived from points of law. The more correct detail & evidence included in the submission the better.

Completing a N244 Application Notice

An N244 application can be quite complex to complete. As this is the main document the Judge will base his decision upon, its importance cannot be highlighted enough. Therefore, should you omit any points you wish to rely upon, your case could be dismissed.

Upon being supplied with an Eviction date, you will need to complete a N244. The N244 Application Notice will be used to secure your hearing with a District Judge. You submit the N244 Application Notice to the court over the counter.

Help with a N244 Application

Immediate Bank Claims can aid & assist distressed property owners in completing of the N244 form. In nearly all cases, we are able to stop an eviction in a short time. However, the longer Immediate Bank Claims has to prepare your case the better. We will need to ensure we have a detailed understanding of your personal circumstance. Therefore, we take a tailored approach on a case to case basis. With Immediate Bank Claims you are always a person & not a number.

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