Modern Repossession

Modern repossession as we know it is in fact not a modern evil.

Rather, the issue of repossession has been an issue as long as home ownership has commenced existing. Repossession as well all know it is a loose term used to describe the action of financial institution taking back an object used as collateral. Usually, the object is property. It could even be your home.

Whilst modern repossession facts & figures took a tumble in the early 2000’s, they came back with a vengeance with a steady incline from 2005. Whilst we may consider modern repossession a scourge of the contemporary, our forefathers would beg to differ.

Indeed, repossession has been a feature of home ownership since records began. Prior to the official accounModern Repossessionting of repossession in 1969, repossession lived in folklore. Families turned onto the streets by greedy landlords & banks. The very thought seems a faraway past injustice. The saddening fact is, repossession figures have increased dramatically since records began.

Modern Repossession & Living Standards:

A notion away from our belief living standards have improve, the British of the 1960’s endured relatively little repossession. Even in the midst of economic recovery, Britain still has repossession statistics twice as high of those in the 1960’s. Repossession may not be a new fear, but modern repossession is an unfortunately realistic one.

With modern repossession reaching general acceptance & normality, there are a few questions raised. Should not our standard of living be rising with the modern age? With modern repossession a common threat, the lack of security for families is surmounting. The same threat may have existed 50 years previously, but with considerable less tangibility.

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