Landlord Facing Eviction


Contrary to popular belief, landlords may also face eviction. Indeed, highly geared portfolio’s lead to many a landlord facing eviction today. There is a an exhaustive list of scenario’s which could escalate to a landlord facing eviction. Problematic tenants are often a source. Late rent payment or damage to property can lead to a rental property being unprofitable. Landlords may be unable to secure the arrears accrued on a property by wayward tenants. In each scenario, late payments to the lender could result. The landlord in question then may find themselves at risk of losing the property.

Rental properties are often a means of sole income or retirement funds. Therefore, the loss of such a property could lead to the general detriment of the landlords finances. If you are a landlord facbuy-to-let mortgage problemsing eviction, you may fear the loss of control of the property. Indeed, the property in question could be the landlords primary residence & the tenant could be a lodger in the landlords home. In any case, eviction from the property should be avoided at all costs.


If you are a landlord facing eviction, there is help available. Immediate Banks Claims are the UK’s experts in landlord affairs. We are proud to be able to offer our unrivalled service to landlords at threat of property loss. Unique in our specialisation, we have negotiated countless satisfactory resolutions to property loss cases with lenders UK wide. If you are a landlord facing eviction, we can help. One of our dedicated team can meet with you to offer a complimentary consultation to discuss any issues you may be facing. Should you wish to become a client of Immediate Bank Claims, we can then negotiate the situation with your lender using our panel of financial, legal & commercial experts.

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