Help to Stop the LPA Receiver

Who are the LPA Receiver?

A point of contention in regards to LPA Receivership is the lack of standards in their appointment. The LPA Receiver can be court appointed. Despite this, the LPA Receiver needs no formal training or qualifications. Nevertheless, upon appointment, the LPA Receiver has mandated power over your properties. This includes the collection of all rents & moneys. The LPA Receiver is even allowed to organise a sale of the property against your wishes. This can be at any price to any person in any manner that the LPA Receiver deems fit. If you require help to stop the LPA Receiver, you may feel you are hitting a brick wall. Help to stop the LPA Receiver is a specialised niche area of the market many are unable & unwilling to tackle.

Duties of the LPA Receiver

It is well documented the allegiance of the LPA Receiver to the lender who has requested their appointment. This means that should there be a conflict of interest between the property owner & the lender, the LPA Receiver will give all out preference to the wishes of the lender. Much of the activity of the LPA Receiver is taken in ‘good faith’. This is the duty of which the LPA Receiver must undertake. This means that should the LPA Receiver carry out its duty in good faith, it cannot be later criticised, even if incompetent. Obtaining help to stop the LPA Receiver is imperative in keeping your interests within the property.

Available Help to Stop the LPA Receiver

The appointment of the LPA Receiver has sadly become common place. Help to stop LPA Receiver can seem thin on the ground. At Immediate Bank Claims, we are able to help to stop the LPA Receiver. We state this as we have working experience of dis-instructing LPA Receivers. Immediate Bank Claims can also help to stop the LPA Receiver by ceasing their original appointment.

Should the LPA Receiver be appointed, we can still help to stop the LPA Receiver. Immediate Bank Claims achieves this by industry specialism & know how. Often, our first port of call is to challenge the validity of the appointment. We challenge has the necessary right to appoint actually risen or occurred.

Another option is the raising of finance when necessary to clear debts. Obviously, having fallen into arrears, property owners credit ratings may have taken a knocking. However, Immediate Bank Claims have access to private finance in order to help stop the LPA Receiver when necessary.

If you require help to stop the LPA Receiver, speak to the experts in LPA Receivership affairs.

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