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Process of assessing your claim

Step 1
We will take detailed notes of your situation so we can decide how best to defend the legal action you are currently facing even if there is less than 24 hours.
Step 2
We will negotiate directly with your lender to persuade them to cancel the eviction where possible
Step 3
We will prepare legal defence for you based on your individual circumstances and help you restructure your finances
Step 4
Provide legal representation for you at the hearing with the expertise of legally trained representative to handle the case

Answers to your questions

Banks Appointing LPA Receivers

Have you lost your property to the bank? You may be entitled to compensation!

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Golden Key Bridge Between Green Percentage And Home

LPA Receivers Problems!

What Can I Do About LPA Receivers Problems? Losing a property to LPA Receivers can be very distressing. It can lead to homelessness […]


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How to Stop Repossession Bailiffs Bailiffs who evict people from repossessed properties are usually employed by the local county court. Often also, they […]


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Modern repossession as we know it is in fact not a modern evil. Rather, the issue of repossession has been an issue as […]

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Unfair Banking?

Unfair Banking: The Financial Regulators The ¬†Financial Regulators have decided not to impose a hefty ¬£120million on the wilting Co-Operative Bank. The 11th […]

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